Pets and Their People

As a child I was not much of an animal lover, but that all changed at the age of twelve with the addition of my family’s first dog. I quickly learned how real and deep a bond can be between an animal and its owner. “Pets and Their People” is a series of realistic square format portraits that portrays this bond. Each painting captures a moment of candid interaction between human and animal counterparts that describes the unique and profound connection that many people experience with their pets. I start each piece by photographing the subjects in an organic setting, then using these images as references I create sketches, value studies and finally the full sized painting. The process of the final paintings includes a full value charcoal under-drawing set in place by a coating of fixative before the final color layer is added. The result is a window into a world that emanates the pure and powerful joy and love of pet ownership.

©  2017 Heather June Art

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